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  1. Uncut Penises: The Silent, Fleshy Killer

    My roommate is CONVINCED that he’s getting strep throat repeatedly from his latin lover’s uncut penis.  Right now he’s in the bathroom gargling with salt water. I asked why, and he said “preventative reasons”. I asked if it wouldn’t be smarter to rinse AFTER all the fellatio, and he responded that he intended to do it both before and after. My roommate is thorough, if virulent.

    To be fair, he HAS gotten strep consecutively, but I think that has a whole lot less to do with smegma and a whole lot more to do with AIDS destroying his immune system.

    Anyone ever get Strep from their uncut Juan, Mario or Pedro?

    1. xavierjones answered: nope. just a really manly taste in my mouth.
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